Intermezzo         Ungdom - Youth in                    Action

Each city around the world has its own identity. Symbols are the means which give this identity to these cities. Cities change and develop by adding new features to their identities. The venue of the exchange will be in our city Drammen in the framework of the Youth in Action Programmed Sub-action 1.1 and will last 6 (six) days excluding travel days. The participants, 6 young people + 1 group leader from each country, will be from Norway, Turkey, Latvia and Lithuania. They will be able to know our city closer with the help of cultural excursions, cultural nights, and presentations. All participants to this project will be 18-25 years old. Participants will be able to realize their creativity by designing innovative approaches for the logo and symbol about our city during the workshops. They will also comment on our city from a different perspective by providing a new vision to our city. Our project consolidates intercultural dialogue between the young people from different cultures in the framework of cooperation between neighboring countries. Total number of participants including Norwegian group is 24 youngsters + 4 group leaders.