Intermezzo         Ungdom - Youth in                    Action


Description of the organisation
INTERMEZZO is a local, non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization run by students and members. Its members are interested in world issues, localisation, culture, European awareness, minorities, youth policies and social obstacles. Intermezzo does not discriminate on the basis of race,  colour, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national, ethnic or social origin.
Intermezzo Youth organisation is located in Drammen. We work for social development of young people in Drammen. We have more or less volunteers. Aims of the organisation are;
-To create opportunity for young people to recognise their problems and to initiate for solutions of the problems.
- To facilitate active participation of young people in decision making process,
- To improve the young people's social development and vocational skills.
-  To encourage young people in the region, work as an initiator about social issues.
We can offer a wide range of activities. The project will be shaped according to the interests, needs and abilities of the volunteer and the needs of Intermezzo Youth organisation.
Volunteer service in INTERMEZZO involves direct and indirect contribution in the community and the organization by engaging volunteers in the following activities:
-  conferences, seminars, forums, INTERMEZZO meetings, orientation and integration
-  projects, INTERMEZZO events, Drammen experience
-  organizational development,
-  trainings, workshops, presentations, promotion campaigns
-  extracurricular activities and community development.
The volunteers help students with a project call "open school". Take part in activities together with the leader/board our organisation. Organise and lead sports activities for children and youth. Assist in the local work with refugees. Learn Norwegian and can teach their language to local people.  Contact with the students at the university College of Buskerud (HIBU).
There are many different educational-creative activities in the Intermezzo where children and youth can learn, play or create according to their needs and interests.
We are motivated to participate in European Voluntary Service to be able to provide better service for our target group and to provide opportunity for learning experience of international volunteers. That has given us experiences that encourage us to continue the support of young people who want to come to our center or go abroad and are interested in learning about cultural diversity.
Profile of the organisation
 Non profit/non governmental organisation.
Activity level  local
Motivation and EVS experience
We believe hosting a volunteer can provide a new cultural overview, very beneficial to the everyday work of the organisation. Another added value is the fact that working with international volunteers provides contact between people from different nationalities coming from different realities, who will work towards a common project; this helps give the young people a feeling of European citizenship and a sense of belonging.
This is also a good opportunity to raise the awareness of the local population for voluntary work.
We are an active youth organisation in Drammen. We would like to promote our experience from local voluntarism to international voluntarism. We want to gain new experiences with international volunteers. Our aim is to raise interest of young people in the organisation/centre by providing them an international environment.  We would like to facilitate the process of integration with other cultures through EVS. Drammen is multicultural city in Norway.  Everyday  there are new people from different cultures coming to our city. The most of them are refugee or asylum. We want to work against racism. We want to build a society where no one need to fear discrimination.
Among young people with immigrant background, there are just a few guys who take higher education. We will help and motivate them to pursue higher education.
Education Seminar: we will arrange a training seminar each year. Lecturers with immigrant background  will tell young people about their education and job so that they are motivated to pursue higher education.
-       Very many give up after the first attempt. Therefore it is important to have people there that says it is allowed to fail and try again
By offering young people in Norway quality voluntary experiences abroad, Intermezzo will promote international volunteer experiences in development issues among young people to increase mobility of young volunteers for them to experience cultural diversity and intercultural learning.

Project environment:
Drammen is an international city and 20 per cent of the population is of immigrant origin, more than 12 000 people from close to 150 countries. The impact of this can be seen in our cultural festivals and events, in our theatres, music and art, businesses and trade. We are proud of our diversity and intend to use this as an asset in future development of the city. Diversity drives creativity and innovation and enriches the city’s social, economic, and cultural vibrancy. Drammen is a town of many cultures and many religious faiths, with citizens from 147 different countries all over the world. The size of the minority ethnic population in Drammen is about 20 per cent, among Norwegian cities second only to Oslo.
By far the single largest group is the Turkish community, most of whom arrived in the town in the 70s because of shortage of labour in the paper processing industry. Based on the 2009 Census (SSB), the Turkish community represents approximately 17 percent of the immigrant population in Drammen. The city also has significant Pakistani, Iraqi, Polish and Kosovo-Albanian communities.
The diversity and skills of these groups has contributed substantially to change Drammen into the vibrant and multi-cultural city it is today. Cultural diversity in Drammen is widely recognized as an asset and a defining characteristic of the town. Drammen has a strong reputation for promoting positive community relations between people of different cultures and faiths. today Drammen is growing into a multicultural community, with a multitude of religious beliefs. It is an important challenge to handle this diversity to the benefit of the whole community. There are Women, Children ande Disabled Support Centers, Vocational Course Centre, New Life Workshop and Sport Facilities. Our organization can benefit from all these facilities.
The volunteer can also run sapretime actvities out of skills and interest, such as dancing, language training, art and handcraft - well - in all cind of activities that we have materials and possebilities - indoor or outdoor activities, the nature is close !
Target group of the project is basically composed of thewhole Drammen habitants, speasially youth. Drammen is very safe place and also there are many security officers in there.
Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:
Volunteers will be able to work with a lot of young people from different cultures. However, we often train young people in various training such as communication, leadership, volunteering and volunteering management, to be organize, projects writing etc. They will participate all of them and also they will be our trainers.
The volunteers will be in charge of supporting the professionals in the daily activities of centre, taking part in the planning, execution and evaluation of the activities. As the volunteers get more familiar with the language and the workings of the organisation his/her independence will increase and they will be able to choose the activities they want to get involve with and contribute their own ideas. All the activities in which the volunteer gets involved with will be supervised by a professional form the organisation.
The volunteer will have 30-35 weekly hours of activity, where we include the time dedicated for language training. There are two free days a week which will be Saturday and Sunday. The volunteers will have periodical meetings with the mentors to have a continuous assessment of the EVS and with the staff in the organization for coordination of the project. Although all the activity orbits around a common subject, the specific activities and profile of the volunteer will be different depending on the placement.
 WORKING HOURS (Monday to Friday): · All-day program (from 7:00 to 16:30)
Manday :
Morning:             Team meeting
Afternoon:          Web service and marketing for the organization: mail, print, and send documents
Evenings:           Norwegian courses
Morning :            Work in workshops: Planning for meetings and courses
Afternoon :         Working with students: homework help
Afternoon :         Norwegian courses
Morning :           Day trip: visiting local groups
Afternoon :        Interculturel-learning:   EVS project: Create new ideas and activities.                                                          
Evening :            Football Coach ; Marienlyst Football Club with different ethnic player.
Morning :          Web service and marketing for the organization: mail, print, and send documents
Afternoon :        Working with students: homework help
Afternoon :        Norwegian courses
Morning            Work in workshops: Working with a network of arts, education and culture
Afternoon :        Visit Drammen Municipal Culture Department, cooperation Youth House G60
Evening :          Football Coach ; Marienlyst Football Club with different ethnic player.
There are two free days a week which will be Saturday and Sunday.
Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:
Intermezzo Youth Organisation does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national, ethnic or social origin. Our priority will be inclusion of young volenteers with fewer oppurtunties.
The volunteers are not required any particular degree of formal education. This project aimes at providing a non-formal learning experience for them. However, they should have social abilities, in terms of good communication skills and readiness to work with young people. We would like to host volunteers with positive atitude, tolerant, flexible and eager to learn of new cultures and lifestyles. It is desirable, however that they have some knowledge of English. English language is not MUST! Volunteers must be over 18.
The EVS vacancies will be announced not only in the EVS database, but also in the frequently visited on-line groups (on Facebook; Intermezzo Youth Organisation facebook group, Yahoo! Groups etc.), and we will make a Call to all the partners on our contact list. Hence, it will be accessible to all those interested in doing EVS.
All applicants will be asked to submit a CV and a cover letter, based on which we will try to choose the ones that are most motivated to join us in our activities. Everyone involved in the process of selection will be informed of our decision.
Volunteers are expected to take a proactive and independent role in getting involved in the community and in other activities outside the volunteer service. Volunteers are encouraged to take proactive and independent role in integrating with the local INTERMEZZO  office and its membership. It is also expected that volunteers participate in INTERMEZZO activities relevant to their interests and goals. International volunteers, who will arrive in Norway for a project and/or service are encouraged to share their knowledge, insights, ideas and experiences in the project/service-related issue with INTERMEZZO members and the community within the project/service activities. The last but not the least, volunteers should understand the concept of issue-based experiences provided in INTERMEZZO to young people around the world for them to learn about other countries and cultures, learn and share their experiences and make positive impact during their volunteer services.
We are giving responsibilities to all volunteers depending on the their abilities and resquest. For example, if they are good at drama training we can find poor children to be trained by them, if they have music abilities we can organize something to share it, if they have abilities about IT they can train local young people, if they are experienced about organizing they can help us to establish local councils etc…Number of volunteers hosted:Intermezzo Youth organisationcan host up to 2 volunteers at the same time on a long-term basis, and around 7 volunteers for short-term activities, and around 21 people for group activities in Drammen. Long-term volunteers will be involved in organizational strategic and coordination work. Volunteers coming in groups will be involved in conferences, seminars, workshops and training activities where they will be participating not only as delegates, but also as facilitators, trainers and conference team, who will ensure conference logistics, agenda and content. Every volunteer will have a “buddy” as a mentor to provide personal support and a project team to ensure professional development and task-related assistance. Volunteers are always encouraged to give feedback on their service and the organization for quality improvement. Regular meetings with their project teams and “buddies” ensure goals setting and communication of expectations, satisfaction and evaluation of their experiences and services provided by INTERMEZZO as an organization. All volunteers will be assisted to do goal-setting for their volunteer services and evaluations in the middle and end of their volunteer services and provide volunteers service reports for quality improvement. All volunteers will be accommodated in rented apartments or stay with some families  with necessary equipment and a working space in the INTERMEZZO office, where they will have access to organizational services such as stationery, internet, telephone and fax.Special needs (if applicable):
This project is open to host volunteers with special needs whether social, economic, cultural, geographical or educational dificulties and obstacles, disability or health problems.
Before hosting a person with special needs we will study the specific case in order to asses the real possibilities of the organisation to provide the necessary support. That's why we MUST be previosely informed for every special need of the volunteer.
Intermezzo Youth Organisation have enough human resources and experience to support young people with fewer opportunities. The organisation have ample experience working with young people against social exclusion, which should help with the EVS process of those volunteers with special needs.
Risk prevention, protection and safety:
In Safety and Logistics Preparation, Intermezzo provides the necessary information for volunteers in order for safe and smooth travel to their destination including: - Health and Travel Insurance Volunteers are required to purchase comprehensive and adequate health, travel, and liability insurance even if those are not required for obtaining visa or volunteer work permit. Volunteers are expected to communicate with the host Intermezzo youth organization to verify the specific types of insurance required and methods of purchase.
- Visa and Volunteer Work Permit:
Volunteers will inform about their responsibility to apply for their visa and volunteer work permit. The host Intermezzo youth organization provides all necessary documents for application. Volunteers will inform to provide all personal documents such as passport, academic letter, etc.
- Safety Precautions:
Volunteers will inform of the national safety conditions and basic safety precautions as advised by the national safety standards. Volunteers will inform to keep updated of any relevant national government advice in relation to the destination.
As a hosting organisation, INTERMEZZO prepares volunteers for living and volunteering in Norway. As a hosting organization, INTERMEZZO provides more specific information relevant to the local laws and issues. As for cultural preparation, it is done in cooperation between the sending and host Intermezzo organization, including at minimum the following, and delivered to Intermezzo members and project team member, who are going to work directly with the volunteer:
- Basic information about the volunteers’ home country
- Overview of cultural differences that may impact working relationships
- Information about the culture and lifestyle of volunteers and highlight areas of difference and potential conflict
- Information about culture shock and how to support a volunteer
- Understanding of effective cross-cultural communication techniques
Host Intermezzo organization provides additional logistical services for volunteers’ safety before and upon arrival of the volunteers. These services include at minimum the following:
- Pick up at the airport/train/bus station by the host Intermezzo organization
- Provide orientation to the location and guidance for use of routine or importance services such as registering with a doctor, how to use emergency services, public transportation, laundry, groceries, hair salon, and pharmacy
- Provide details on registration with relevant local authorities
- Specific safety precautions for the local city/neighbourhood that are common knowledge to local residents
- Common mistakes of volunteers in the local environment and local cultural norms, including those related to dress, greeting, and traditions
Volunteer service and environment in INTERMEZZO do not put volunteers’ life at risk, danger or any harm.
Local people are very kind and hospitable and also protective to foreign people. They will feel themselves at home.  However, we will rent a private flat for our volunteers and we always will be with them and also whenever they want, they will stay in our houses as well in order to live sincerity of the families. We will cooperate with local police and municipality. We will have dialogue all the time. In any situation, we have possibilities to react  as soon as possible.
In case of conflict they should first with the mentor´s support try to handle it with the persons involved. If they do not manage they should talk to the Head of the organisation, who in cooperation with the contact person in sending organisation and will try to sort it out together with the volunteers.
If the volunteer needs it is possible to get extern support depending on what is there required. The mentor is supportive in this.