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                        The Food For Thought
            "My Story - Your Story"

 “The Food For Thought” was- as the name says- ment to be a place like  “home” for our young people members and . Our group consisted of youngsters from 10 different countries. Their stay in Norway had lasted less than two years. The project intended to encourage them to take part in arrangeing the café  “The Food For Thought”  and to suggest which activities to join outside the café as well.
140 people visited our café, most of them were students from Heltberg Skole.
Activities: Cafés (games, discussetions, tea and waffels, visits, conversations).

Methodes: eating together, “Learning by doing”, discusstions, coaching, games.

Kaféen var "fargeblind" og aktivitetene omfattet alle.
Gjennom samtaler og uformelle aktiviteter ga vi muligheten til å bli kjent med andre på tvers av kultur og religion.
Deltakerne som ønsket å delta i prosjektet visste allerede organisasjonens holdninger - og de var inneforstått med grunntankene i prosjektet.

Prosjektet ikke bare fremmet toleranse og forståelse av mangfold; det videreutviklet disse verdiene etter allerede eksisterende erfaringer.
 “The Food For Thought” funded by NORDBUK and implemented by Crossing Borders from Denmark Världskulturmuseet from Sweden and Intermezzo Ungdom from Norway.

 In Europe, during the actual economic recession, the interest around active participation in
public life is decreasing and the European membership spirit is weakening day by day.
There is an urgent need to foster the civil participation and engagement, creating the basis for social spaces where citizens start to interact actively with Public Institutions: an Open Government (OG) structured system more open, transparent and collaborative.
In order to stimulate OG it is essential to enhance:
- an active participation of the citizens to the public life
- more efficient social services
- administrative and decision-making transparency
- open access to the public data including accounting, public health, e-government, environment management, mobility, life quality, etc
The project is going to promote equity, social cohesion and active citizenship (ET2020 aim), the acquisition of key competences specifically connected with the social and civic competences (general priority-call 2013) and helping citizens to understand how they can be an active part in the actual EU and in the construction the future "country of the countries”.
The partnership aims and activities are:
- promote the principles of the Open Government Declaration endorsed already by 34 countries in the world
- investigate from across Europe good practice examples about the OG
- discuss the future of OG involving several stakeholders and public bodies
- generate some guidelines and innovative tools to activate the active participation useful both for public institutions and citizens (e-books)
- disseminate the project outputs results with a database of materials available on an internet platform.
The proposal is in line with the statement around the European Year of Citizens 2013 and with the 2014 EU election.
Through this project outcomes the EU might easily learn how national citizens’ loyalty campaigns can be used at an EU level


                                                   WE ARE ON THE MOVE

                                                    10.04– 17.04.2014, Drammen

"We are on the move!" aims to promote social inclusion, participation and active citizenship between young unemployed people using creative methods and new learning techniques. Project aims at promoting participation in the construction of a tighter-knit, democratic, youth-oriented and united Europe, tackling the challenge of youth unemployment as an “opportunity” to develop active citizenship, enhancing tolerance, solidarity and mutual understanding and inclusion in the society. The project presents a set of activities that grants young people the chance to interact at the European level – and offers them the occasion to “work” together towards a common aim. Partners are from Norway, Turkey, Estonia, Italy, UK and Czech Rep.

team. Objectives: - Increase the participation of young unemployed people in the civic life in their community and the possibility to do the change. - To support young people how to advocate and lobby their needs in the community - Increase the role of young Europeans in representative democracy and promote the concept of active citizenship - To contribute toward social inclusion of young unemployed people as marginalized group in the society - To foster intercultural dialogue between the young people and share cultural diversity The TC is an equitable platform where young people and other stakeholders will together gather information (with a bottom-up approach), debate, collect and share individual and collective opinions, formulate their views and draft them in the form of recommendations for future YIA projects promoting youth participation and inclusion of the young unemployed people. The partners of the project are youth organizations coming from 6 different countries – EU Member States and non EU and pre-accession countries - where youth unemployment, participation and inclusion of young unemployed people represents vivid issue on the local, national and European agenda. Main event of the project is international training course, going to be organized in the period of 10-17 April 2014 in Drammen, Norway.

Second Home Café.


Second Home Café i Tollbugata 70
En koselig gjeng som var med på åpningen av kaféen.

Flerkulturelt møtested, minoritetsbakgrunn, integrering, nettverk og samarbeidsforum= Intermezzo Ungdom.

Youth Exchange in Craiova, Romania
             IN and OUT of EU: breaking down stereotypes II

Short Description
IN and OUT of EU: breaking down stereotypes II is an International Youth Exchange that will actively involve 35 young people for 6 days in Craiova (Dolj county, Oltenia Region), who will develop themes concerning stereotypes, discrimination in general and Roma discrimination in particular, human rights from a cultural point of view and from historical as well. The project has as main aim the involvement, active participation and cooperation between Rroma and Romanian  - foreign youngsters.
The project aims also towards participants personal development, providing them opportunities for intercultural learning and cultural awareness, new skills and abilities development, multilinguism and participative interaction.

Host Organization : Letters Students Association
Address:                 Str. Sadu, Nr 4, Craiova, Dolj, Romania, 200369
Phone:                   004.0765.50.48.55
Project Number:    RO-11-265-2011-R4
Title:   IN and OUT of EU: breaking down stereotypes II
Activities:  5th – 10th of February 2012 (excluding travel days)
Location:  Craiova, Dolj County, ROMANIA
Theme:   Stereotypes, Anti – discrimination and Roma communities
Work language:  English
Countries:Romania, Greece, France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Turkey
Participants:   4 participants +1 leader per each country
Participants age:    18-25 (apart from the leader who can be over 25)
Arrival day:          04.02.2012
Departure day:     11.02.2012

Intermezzo , an Norwegian organization located in historic and vibrant city of Drammen, east of Norway, is specialized in European Internships programmes in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme.
You can cooperate with us in Leonardo da Vinci:
IVT (Initial Vocational Training),
PLM (People in the Labour Market),
VETPRO (VET Professionals),
To all our participants we provide the following services:
- Work placements with professional Companies in your chosen area prior to your entry to the Norway.
- City Centre Accommodation (with full-board or half board)
- Airport Transfer ,- Monitoring. - Orientation Meeting and tour of Drammen, Oslo, Bergen.
- Language Training courses (Norwegian, English, Turkish, Swedish, Danish,
and many others) in small groups with fully qualified teachers.
- Cultural and Social activities , - Local Transport, - Certificate, - Final Report, - Europass, - 24 hours’ emergency support.
Places are available in all kinds of sectors including:
- Accountancy ,- Administration, Management and Secretary
- Adult Education,- Agriculture, winemaking and viticulture
- Architecture, - Arts & Grafts ,- Carpentry ,- Childcare
- Commerce, - Cooking, - Education, - Engineering
- Environment (management, research), - Electronic and electrical
- Food and Beverage industry, - Hairdressing & Beauty
- Health & Social Care, - Heritage & Crafts, - Horticulture & Animal
- Hygiene and safety at work, - International Trade , - I.T. (software and hardware),  Multimedia , - Industrial and graphic design, - Insurances
- Marketing and Advertising, - Mechanical, - Media, Communication
- Quality control, - Sales (shop assistant), - Special Needs
- Sports and Leisure, - Telecommunications, - Theatre, Dance and Music
- Tourism, Agrotourism, Alternative Tourism, Hospitality and Catering.
If you have an approved projects and/or are looking for a partner from Norway
then we look forward to hearing from you.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for any question, more details and for partnership proposals. We are pleased to assist you.
Thank you
Yours sincerely,
Intermezzo Ungdom
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                                                          Sju til sjøs

Nok en gang var det en gjeng fornøyde ungdommer som dro hjem med nye erfaringer og gode opplevelser i bagasjen. Men det må jo bli vellykket med en så fantastisk gjeng flotte ungdommer!


                             Kunst mot fordommer
Intermezzo Ungdomsorganisasjon avholdt nylig en gruppeutveksling med formålet om å øke den flerkulturelle bevisstheten blant ungdommer fra ulike europeiske land.
Les mer !!!

Et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom;    
  Verden for dine føtter !
Du som er i ferd med å bli ferdig med videregående skole og har enorme muligheter foran deg. Nå har du har sjansen til å reise rundt, oppleve verden og utforske nye muligheter med INTERMEZZO UNGDOMSORGANISASJON.

Har du et ønske om å reise ut i verden og hjelpe fattige mennesker eller truede dyrearter? Her får du en mulighet fra Intermezzo som tilbyr frivillig arbeid i utlandet.
Er du 18–30 år kan du jobbe frivillig i to til tolv måneder i Europa. I motsetning til de fleste andre aktørene er tilbudet gratis. Reisekostnader, opphold, språkkurs og noe lommepenger dekkes av EU og organisasjonen som tar imot deg. Du jobber på prosjekter i EU eller EØS-området med blant annet barn, ungdom, kunst, antirasisme, kulturarv, miljø og idrett.

If you are 18-25 years old youngster from NORWAY, interested in to participate in the youth exchange, please, send the short description about yourself and a motivation letter why you would like to participate in  youth exchange and how you plan to use the gained learning in future.

                                                             OUR FIRST PROJECT!
                           CITIES, SYMBOLS, AND THEIR IDENTITY !
Each city around the world has its own identity. Symbols are the means which give this identity to these cities. Cities change and develop by adding new features to their identities. The venue of the exchange will be in our city Drammen  in the framework of the Youth in Action Programme Sub-action 1.1 and will last 6 (six) days excluding travel days. The participants, 6 young people + 1 group leader from each country, will be from Norway,Turkey, Latvia and Lithuania. They will be able to know our city closer with the help of cultural excursions, cultural nights, and presentations. All participants to this project will be 18-25 years old. Participants will be able to realize their creativity by designing innovative approaches for the logo and symbol about our city during the workshops. They will also comment on our city from a different perspective by providing a new vision to our city. Our project consolidate intercultural dialogue between the young people from different cultures in the framework of cooperation between neighboring countries. Total number of participants including Norwegian group is 24 youngsters + 4 group leaders.


In music, an intermezzo (italian , plural: intermezzi), in the most general sense, is a composition which fits between other musical or dramatic entities, such as acts of a play or movements of a larger musical work. In music history, the term has had several different usages, which fit into two general categories: the opera  intermezzo and the instrumental intermezzo.
Organisasjonens formål er å jobbe med ungdommer med minoritetsbakgrunn og hjelpe dem til å bli integrert og integreres i det norske samfunnet.

Organisasjonen skal videre åpne for samarbeid mellom etnisk norsk ungdom og ungdom med
annen kulturell bakgrunn både nasjonalt og internasjonalt.
Gjennom Intermezzo Ungdomsorganisasjonfår unge mennesker anledning til å tilegne seg nye kunnskaper og ferdigheter ved å ta ansvar og skape egne prosjekter.
Formålet er å :    
  * Styrke ungdoms aktive medborgerskap, deltagelse og samfunnsengasjement.
  * Styrke ungdoms internasjonale forståelse, toleranse og solidaritet
   * Styrke ungdomsarbeidet i Europa og bidra til økt europeisk samarbeid på ungdomsfeltet.
Frivillig arbeid ?
Er du 18–30 år kan du jobbe frivillig i to til tolv måneder i Europa. I motsetning til de fleste andre aktørene er tilbudet gratis. Reisekostnader, opphold og språkkurs dekkes av EU og
organisasjonen som tar imot deg.
Hva kan jeg jobbe med?
Du kan jobbe med mange forskjellige slags prosjekter rundt i Europa. Prosjektene omhandler alt
fra helse, kunst, miljø, idrett, kultur, sosial integrering, hjemløse, barn og ungdom og mye mer.
Vi skal hjelpe deg med å finne prosjekt, og holde kontakten med deg når du er ute som volontør.
Vi skal også følge opp volontøren når han/hun er ute for å sikre at volontøroppholdet fungerer
som det skal. Du kan dra til EU-land Du kan dra til alleEU-land,tilsammen 27 land i Europa. Programland idet europeiske frihandelsforbundet (EØS): Island, Liechtenstein, Norge. Programland som er kandidater for medlemskap i EU: Tyrkia. Og Partnerland iSørøst-Europa, Partnerland iØst Europa ogKaukasus, Partnerland fraMidøsten og Nord-Afrika.
Vår samarbeidsparner erBarne-, ungdoms- og familiedirektoratet (Bufdir)som organiserer forberedelseskurs for volontører som reiser ut (utreiseseminar).
Du kan bestemme selv hvilket land og hvilket prosjekt du vil jobbe med.
Kontakt  oss! Vi kan hjelpe deg!

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